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Step It Up Ladies…It’s Drag.

Dear up & coming, aspiring, baby faux queens…

I search #faux queen on Tumblr and #fauxqueen on Instagram quite often…

Umm yea, some ladies need to check out some drag make-up tutorials. Study, practice, experiment & perfect it.

Serve drag make-up. Not ‘going on a hot date at the Olive Garden’ make-up.

Sell the illusion.
Gender Fuck Me.

I would hate to break out the reading glasses and hashtag some ladies as a #fail queen.

That’s all.

xoxo - Holy McGrail: Faux Queen Diva Extraordinaire

p.s. I’m not trying to be mean or want to discourage some ladies.Just show that you’re passionate with the art form of drag. You are the canvas…so paint! And major props to some of the new generation of faux queens on Tumblr and Instagram who are turning it up and werking it out. I see you and gag with joy. Yaaaaaas!

So Go Big…Be Fabulous…And Have Fun!

Latrice Royale & Holy McGrail Reunited. Here’s a fabulous sneak attack hello on the fabulous Latrice. Oh how I adore her so.

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